I suppose that growing up with Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm McLaren has made me a bit quirky.
Rather than trying to fit me into the establishment, my education has been in how rotten the establishment is & has been directed into fighting against & exposing its lies & hypocrisies.
Regarding this education, it has been pretty ‘top notch’. Not many other people have had an experience such as the first hand, inside view of a cultural revolution known as Punk Rock & that was just a part of it (I was at our home when the brick came through the window).
It’s not exactly an easy life with this education & these morals as you can’t take the middle ground in anything but I never felt the need to rebel from it as I could always see the fairness & logic there, unlike the ‘education & morals’ given by the ‘authorities’ & held by the establishment.

The first time that I worked on my own freelance project was when I decided to stand up for my own sexuality (& through that for everyone else’s sexuality) by openly expressing it, in my late 20’s. I had no interest in towing the line regarding what the establishment said was the ‘correct’ moral sexuality as my sexuality in this light is definitely not ‘normal’, but I also didn’t want to sneak around, hiding what I liked from everyone either. I wanted to be open about what I liked as how else was I to find if I could get it?
One’s sexuality is just ‘there’, you are born with it; the same as if you think the colour red suits you more than blue does. There is no right or wrong, just choices & people are all different, not the same thankfully.
So I started a career as a fetish photographer. Leather, latex, transparent nylon, boots, bras, gloves, high heels, sex toys, straps & ropes were all in my erotic dreams as the accessories to play with my ideal mate with.

In the last 5 years or so my career direction has changed. I will always love fetish but it is not the only thing in my life & I wanted to develop these other sides too.
After a lot of trekking up & down mountains in Wales, Scotland & (my favourite) the Lake District I have started to develop a new clothes look for myself. Drawing also on inspiration from Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns & using my own background knowledge of clothes making gained from guess who? my aim is to make clothes which are not seasonal, but functional & timeless (I personally wear these styles year in, year out).

Other than this & for the last 14 months I have been back ‘under the fold’ of my mother’s company for which I write the Worlds End shop blog. You can read more about me there in the ‘Hello’ post I wrote on http://worldsendshop.co.uk/ .

All the best,





この他に、ここ14ヶ月は、母の会社に戻り、World’s end ショップのブログを書いています。


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